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Page Templates

This template is complete with two page layout templates, one textbox layout, a suggested commerce layout, a Feedback Form, Table of Contents, Splash entry page, 10 pre-made content pages (you can add as many more as you wish, of course),  and plenty of help.  We also have included three options for you to add pages:

  • Use the page named "blank.htm" (3-column format) or blank2.htm (2-column format) which is in the new web's folder list.  Simply open it, save it with the name you want it to have, then add your menus and text.
  • Since there are so many layouts included with this template, we recommend you select an existing page with the layout of your choice, then, after opening it, select "File, Save As..." and give it a new name.  Then simply replace the content with the new content, and rename the page.