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Converting an Existing Web

Unfortunately, there is no way to convert an existing web to a new web template.  You may, however, simply copy and paste your existing web's page content into each page in the new web you have created with this template.

What's the Easiest Way?

We find that it is usually easiest to simply copy your content from your online web, page by page, from the browser, then paste into the template pages in your HTML WYSIWYG editor's "normal" view.  You'll have to double-check, of course, but this method normally carries forward all your information - hyperlinks, form information, etc.

When saving, be sure to set the images/ directory to the directory in your new web you wish to contain your images. 

Using Text Boxes
This is a text box, used to draw attention to items of interest.  To duplicate a text box, copy the table code of an existing text box and paste at the desired new location.