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THE SCAM: Members are being contacted by an automated system claiming to be from the Credit Union and saying their credit and/or debt card had expired. The member are being ask to call a long distance number to reactivate the card and the bogus “Credit Union Center” would ask for the card number, PIN and the card’s expiration date. Members may also be asked for personal information such as social security number, account number, or credit card number. 

Progressive Federal Credit Union would never contact members by phone, text, voicemail or e-mail asking for information it already has. If you have any questions or feel you are a victim of a scam you may contact the credit union at 251-338-2092.  

Special Agent Harry Trombitas of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said people receiving the messages should report the information directly to the FBI at for investigation.

Anyone who provided their personal information to the fraudsters should go immediately to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website at and follow the steps provided to minimize their losses and protect their credit.